Lenny Kravitz on ‘Hunger Games’ and His Next Album

Singer/actor Lenny Kravitz looks dapper on the cover of Ocean Drive magazine, opening up about filming “Hunger Games” by day and recording his 10th album by night.

Kravitz said, “There was this old-school ‘70s studio in Atlanta that I wanted to visit. The next thing I knew, I was booking myself in there, filming the movie by day and making music by night…”

He explained, “When I make my music, I write it, I produce it, I play the instruments -- it’s my expression 100 percent. What I love about making films is that it’s completely not about me; it’s about a director’s vision, it’s about the character, and I’m there to serve. The music was a reaction of doing that all day. Something was brewing inside of me, so it had to come out. At night it would just be, ‘Okay, now I am back to being me, and directing myself – and doing what it is that I do.’”

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“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” opens November 22.