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‘DWTS’ Says Goodbye to a Favorite Contestant

“Dancing with the Stars” said adieu to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and partner Tyne Stecklein.

Nye injured himself in rehearsals last week, tearing a tendon. Although doctors advised against performing, Nye told Cheryl Burke-Charvet, "The leg feels pretty good because we've been working on it. We've been icing and the red light, the cool laser, and so it's pretty good."

She asked him about a "crazy treatment" he had undergone this week for the injury and he explained he had "platelet-rich plasma, which is where they take platelets from blood in your arm, and poke them into the tendon and to-be-repaired area. It excites the cells in the right way to bring 'em around faster than they would otherwise."

Nye danced a futuristic robot jazz dance to Daft Punk's “Get Lucky,” which was good for the leg but not good for a dancing competition.

Still, the audience loved Nye. There were boos from the ballroom and then chants of "Bill! Bill!" after the announcement.

Bill said, "There are people here who are working so hard, who are so good. You see how they're improving every week. I'm not going to be able to keep up with that. But what breaks my heart is Tyne's not going to be able to stay. She's fantastic." He went on to thank fans and added, "It's really been cool."

Tune in next week when “DWTS” returns on ABC!