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Melissa Joan Hart Reveals Past Drug Use in New Tell-All

“Melissa & Joey” star Melissa Joan Hart says she went through a wild period in her youth, in which she experimented with drugs.
In her new memoir, “Melissa Explains It All,” on shelves October 29, Hart dishes about some of her drug-fueled nights, and reveals a few steamy hookups.

Hart told Life & Style, “I experimented with weed, Ecstasy, mushrooms and mescaline for about a year and a half.” She told one crazy story in which she took Ecstasy at the Playboy Mansion in 1999, making out with a girl in the limo ride home. “That was my third or fourth time on Ecstasy.”
She continued, “I was kind of running with a bad crowd,” but added she didn’t become addicted. “I just didn’t enjoy taking drugs. I don’t like the loss of control.”
The actress also admitted she had makeout sessions with actor Jerry O’Connell and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.
She’s married to musician Mark Wilkerson and they have three sons.
“Melissa & Joey” will return to ABC with an all-new Christmas special this December.