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Video! Justin Timberlake Receives 'Gift in a Box' in Awkward Interview

Sabrina Sato, a Brazilian comedian posing as a reporter, pulled a fast one on Justin Timberlake at a recent “Runner Runner” interview, presenting the star with a very personal gift in a box.

After a few awkward moments, including an offer to teach the singer to Samba, the "reporter" paid homage to Timberlake’s “Saturday Night Live” skit “D**k in a Box,” by gifting him her butt in a box!

When J.T. realized what it was (a mold of Sato's derriere) he laughed and said, “Oh my God!” He added, “It’s great. You even autographed it… with love.”
While Justin has been busy promoting his online poker drama “Runner Runner,” he also took time out to surprise fans with a new single, “TKO,” from the "20/20 Experience."
Check it out!