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Julianne Moore: 'I Feel Very Much in the Middle of My Life'

Actress Julianne Moore is unstoppable these days, recently landing a spot in the blockbuster “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2.”

In the October issue of InStyle magazine, the 52-year-old says she’s thankful for the trajectory of her career.
"I can't complain. I've been pretty lucky," adding that she doesn’t like to talk about aging in Hollywood. “Let's appreciate where we are. Let's not wish our lives away."
While her career is red hot, the Oscar nominee, who is married to director Bart Freundich and mother of Caleb, 15, and Liv, 11, has a lot on her plate at home.
The Emmy winner explains, "I feel very much in the middle of my life. Being in a relationship for 17 years, having kids who are not babies anymore, living in the house we want to live in, and really enjoying the work I do."
Like most moms, Moore feels like her kids are growing up too quickly. She says, "When your kids are young, they're always holding your hand. Then suddenly you turn around and it's not happening anymore. The days are long; but the years are short."