Roma Downey to Produce ‘The Dovekeepers’

Producer/actress Roma Downey, who recently starred in the popular History Channel mini-series “The Bible,” has now set her sights on the bestselling novel “The Dovekeepers.”

Downey and her production company, LightWorkers Media, acquired all rights to Alice Hoffman’s thrilling saga, the tale of a Jewish settlement of 960 people who took a last refuge on the plateau of Masada after escaping the violent Roman destruction of Jerusalem.

Hoffman weaves together fact and fiction in her telling of the saga of four extraordinary women who come together to tend to the doves in Masada.

Downey explained, “When I read ‘The Dovekeepers’ I completely fell in love with this story of Masada told through these compelling characters… this novel is a testament to the human spirit and how love can rise from the ashes of war. The story is quite simply, an amazing story of heroism and hope; it is a story that must be seen.”