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Exclusive! Meet Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s New Baby

New parents Hilaria and Alec Baldwin invited “Extra” into their home to introduce their baby girl, Carmen Gabriela Baldwin!

The Baldwins talked to “Extra” about how they're adjusting to life at home with Carmen, posing for their first photo shoot for People magazine.

Check out the adorable video!

Alec commented on how much the baby likes to eat! “One of the things we’re, if you can hear me over this noise, is that the baby would eat through the dress. The baby would chew through the dress to get the goods.”

As for who Carmen looks like, Alec said, “I hope she looks like her mother. What a waste of time it would be to marry a women like that and have the kid look like me.”

Hilaria, an “Extra” lifestyle correspondent, added she doesn’t yet know who their daughter looks like. “She looks like herself… we’ll have to see, every single day, she changes so much.”

The “Blue Jasmine” star beamed, “I am so lucky and blessed, all those things everybody feels when you have a baby and you want to have that family.”

Hilaria concurred. “Honestly, it’s a dream come true. Every single day I have trouble sleeping because I just want to look at her, and every single day you wake up and it’s Christmas.”

Hilaria loves being a mom. “It’s a love that hurts. I want to make sure she’s okay, every single step of the way… it’s just absolutely indescribable.”