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Carmen Electra: 'Simon Cowell Will Be a Fantastic Father'

Actress and model Carmen Electra thinks Simon Cowell, who is reportedly expecting a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, is going to be a great dad.

Carmen shared her reaction with “Extra” on the Do Something Awards red carpet in L.A. on Wednesday, saying, “I absolutely think Simon will be a fantastic father.”

Electra and Cowell were romantically linked in 2012, but she told us they have never been more than “good friends.”
“I think people assume that there was more to my friendship with him than there was, but he is a sweetheart and a good friend and I'm so happy for him.”
Carmen said she has not spoken to Simon in a few months, but was definitely going to call and congratulate him.

"Extra" also got a reaction from "American Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson. "I'm sure he'll be an amazing parent... I have to wrap my brain around it."