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Nigella Lawson Granted Quickie Divorce After Throat-Grabbing Incident

The judge in Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi’s divorce may have set a record when it comes to quickie divorces. According to the Guardian, District Judge Anne Aitken granted the request in 70 seconds!

Judge Aitken heard the case in a High Court in London on Wednesday and approved the divorce – filed by Lawson – on the grounds of Saatchi’s “unreasonable behavior.” The split will be finalized in six weeks.
Lawson and Saatchi, who were not present for the proceedings, are worth $228 million, according to the Daily Mail. Financial terms of the divorce, which include a prenup, have not been disclosed.

Last month, photos of the art collector grabbing the celebrity chef’s throat at a restaurant caused an uproar. Saatchi tried to brush off the accusations of abuse, as Lawson fled town with her children.