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Katy Perry's 'Prism' Album: Everything We Know

Singer Katy Perry announced her new album “Prism” in a big way on Wednesday, rolling the name and release date through the streets of L.A. on the side of a gold truck!

It is “three years later,” Katy told MTV, and the album — dropping on Oct. 22 — will “pick up where we left off.”
A lot has happened for this “California Gurl” since her 2010 album, “Teenage Dream.” She divorced Russell Brand, gave fans a rare glimpse into her life with the “Part of Me” documentary, and even found love again with John Mayer.
Frequent collaborator Bonnie McKee, who helped Perry write some of her biggest hits, told Idolator that fans can expect a “more grown up Katy.”
“It’s different,” said McKee of what could be Katy’s first “Prism” single. “It doesn’t sound like the ‘California Gurls’ of yesterday. It has that same kind of energy, but it has a little twist of darkness and perseverance behind it.”
The track is most likely “Double Rainbow,” a tune Perry teased in previous interviews. Overall, Katy has remained coy about the new tracks, but she did share with Vogue magazine back in June that one stands out; “Bad Photographs.”
“This is like its rawest form, and I titled it ‘Bad Photographs’ because the idea is that when people are in a relationship they only take photographs when they are happy, and sometimes when it ends you realize maybe it would be important to take photographs when it’s not happy.”

There will be a number of collaborations on the new album, including ones with Max Martin, Sia, Dr. Luke and Greg Wells. Just don’t expect her beau, John Mayer to make an appearance.
Perry recently told “Extra” with a wink, “we’re doing a lot of collaborating"… apparently just not on her album.