Joy Behar Opens Up About Leaving ‘The View’

As Joy Behar nears the end of her time on "The View,” the co-host told “Extra” she is not yet nostalgic.

At this weekend’s QVC Super Saturday to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Behar said she is in vacation mode right now. “Maybe in September I’ll have a nervous breakdown. Right now I’m enjoying the whole thing.”

Behar, 70, thinks Jenny McCarthy will be terrific as a co-host, but Joy has no knowledge of who else will be joining the ladies around the table now that Elizabeth Hasselback has also departed. The funnywoman added, “Elizabeth was happy to go to FOX.”

As for Behar’s next move, “I don’t know yet, truthfully. I could end up on another channel, or I could do a one-person show. I’m writing a play. I have things I want to do.” Joy said she is booked to do stand up and other shows like “The Tonight Show” this fall.