Marie Osmond Says Her Mom Didn’t Let Her Be a Bratty Child Star

“Extra” caught up with Marie Osmond and John Schneider in Las Vegas, taking a break from the “Donny and Marie” show at the Flamingo hotel.
Schneider is filling in for Marie’s brother, Donny Osmond, as he recovers from a torn gluteus maximus muscle that has sidelined him for at least two weeks. (He aggravated an existing injury when he leaped onto a piano during a performance.)

Marie talked about how her mother helped keep her and her brother grounded. “I think the greatest thing we had was amazing parents. I know that when the ‘Donny and Marie’ was the number one show, I would put in a 17-hour day. I'd come home and my mom would say, ‘Get to work. Clean the toilet, do the dishes.’ I'd say I've been working all day. She goes, ‘No, you've been playing all day. Now you get to work.

Marie, who became a teen star in the ’70s, said of today’s troubled young stars, “There's an entitlement… that has you thinking you deserve more than somebody else or whatever. We don't deserve anything more than anybody else. We're lucky to have jobs.”
Catch Marie and John at the Flamingo through Saturday!