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Shocking Pics of Boston Bomber Revealed

Dramatic new images have been released showing alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bruised and bloodied as he is being captured.

The Daily Mail reports that Sergeant Sean Murphy, a tactical photographer with the Massachusetts State Police, released the photos without permission in response to the “glamorized” and controversial images of Tsarnaev on cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

Murphy has now been suspended over his decision to leak the photos and faces an internal investigation, but he told Boston Magazine that the Rolling Stone covers angered him, and he felt compelled to release his pictures.

“The truth is that glamorizing the face of terror is not just insulting to the family members of those killed in the line of duty, (but) it also could be an incentive to those who may be unstable to do something to get their face on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.”

He added of his own photos, “I hope that the people who see these images will know that this was real. It was as real as it gets.”

The editors of Rolling Stone refused to apologize for using the controversial image of Tsarnaev, despite an overwhelmingly negative response to the August 3 issue.