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Kate Moss on Tan Lines: ‘I Try Not to Have a White Boob’

Supermodel Kate Moss looks gorgeous on the August cover of Allure magazine, revealing her beauty tips... including how she feels about tan lines.

Moss told the mag, “I don’t mind a bikini bottom. My husband likes lines on the bum. Men like white bums… I try not to have a white boob.”

As for her general approach to fashion and beauty, Kate explained, “I try to be a little bit chic. I wouldn’t wear sweatpants. I wouldn’t wear a twinset.” She added that she always has to have clean hair. “That’s a must. If in doubt, wash it.”

Moss said her 11-year-old daughter Lila’s favorite movie is “The Devil Wears Prada.” The model laughed, “She’s watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ 10 times, and she’s got a desk in her room with a phone… she puts a little outfit on and picks up the phone: ‘Hello, Miranda Priestly’s office.’ I say, 'Lila, do you know who Miranda Priestly is in real life?' But she just doesn’t care. She’s like, ‘Hello, Miranda Priestly’s office. Can you hold? Patrick Demarchelier on the line!’ I died when I heard her do it. So funny. She doesn’t have a clue who she is, but it’s word-for-word."

Moss also talked about the rumors she was anorexic and addicted to heroin. “It was horrible, especially the anorexic thing. The heroin, I was like, ‘Oh, its just ridiculous, I don’t do heroin. Just because I wear a bit of black eyeliner that’s smudged…’ But the anorexic thing was a lot more upsetting, to be held responsible for somebody’s illness. I wasn’t anorexic.”

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