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Suri Cruise Yells at Paparazzi, Photog Calls Her a Brat and the B-Word!

Budding fashionista Suri Cruise has had it with the paparazzi. On a recent outing, Suri, 7, mom Katie Holmes and a friend were swarmed by photographers and autograph seekers.

Suri got fed up as they tried to get to a waiting car, yelling “stop it” and “get out of the way.” Watch the video at Fish Wrapper.

The celebutot’s attitude didn’t sit well with one pap, who called Tom Cruise’s youngest a “little brat” and a “b**ch.” In all the chaos it doesn't seem like Suri heard the name-calling.

When another snapper tells him that’s not okay, the disgruntled pap doesn’t seem all that sorry.