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John Travolta on Death of Friend James Gandolfini

“Extra” caught up with John Travolta at the New York premiere of “Killing Season,” where the star shared his thoughts on the passing of his beloved friend, James Gandolfini.

“I already miss him. I think I embarrassed him often. I would hug him or kiss him. He’s a big macho guy,” said Travolta. The "Savages" actor continued, “He’s such a sweet soul… he’s a real friend you'd have before you got into show business, not after.”
Travolta reminisced about the support he received from Gandolfini's when he lost his son in 2009. “He was one step ahead of you, even if you didn’t ask for it. He gave it to you. I will reach out [to his family] formally, and help the way he did with me, when I lost my son.”