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Want to Be Hot Like Stacy Keibler? ‘Try to Sweat Every Single Day’

George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler is offering some tips and tricks for staying beautiful in the Summer-Fall 2013 issue of NewBeauty.

“Try to sweat every single day!” she told the mag, adding, “Even if you just try to do jumping jacks in your house for 10 minutes and that’s all you can get in, just try to get your heart rate up and get a little bit of a sweat going.”

[Credit: NewBeauty]
The model and actress said she believes “you are what you eat,” so organic vegetables and fruits are a must, along with a lot of water. Stacy is also adamant about washing her face every day and says, “I try to take time to meditate every day to keep everything in balance.”
She’s not afraid to try new things either, “I’ve tried it all. Cupping, acupuncture, Reiki, chakra cleansing. It sounds a bit crazy, but it works.”
Keibler added, “I’m kind of a groupie for holistic healing, but I really do believe it makes a difference in everything.”