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Justin Bieber Cleared in Alleged Hit and Run

"Believe" singer Justin Bieber was behind the wheel of his white Ferrari Monday night when he accidentally struck a paparazzo at 11:45 PM, police told Associated Press. Justin has been cleared of wrongdoing in what was originally labeled a hit and run by the press.

Lt. Craig Valenzuela explained that the Biebs was leaving the 8800 block of Sunset Boulevard (near the Laugh Factory) when his car collided with someone. No one was cited or arrested at the time, because officers do not believe a crime was committed.

TMZ caught the commotion on video as Justin jumped into his car and tried to leave amidst a swarm of photographers. As he drives away, a man falls down, grasping his knee.

UPDATE: Officer Bruce Borihanh told Associated Press, "It was not a hit and run. The pedestrian being in the roadway was a major contributing factor in the collision."