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Jon Stewart’s Thank-You Message to Michael Douglas

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Jon Stewart as he hosted Animal Haven’s” 3rd Annual Performance for the Animals. “The Daily Show” host sounded-off on all the hottest headlines, and revealed his summer replacement.

When it comes to Michael Douglas’ oral sex statement, Jon commented,  “As a hypochondriac, that was really an area I did not think was going to cause worry, but I thank him for that.”

He also weighed in on Justin Bieber racing his Ferrari around his gated community. “People should obey traffic laws… not just speed… your yields… your merges,” he urged.
Moving on to politics, Jon said he has not spoken to disgraced former Congressman and friend Anthony Weiner since he announced he was running for Mayor of NYC, but did say, “Why not? What a great country!”
As for Donald Trump spending millions to explore his chances for a 2016 Presidential run, Jon is all for it. He joked, “I think that’s a wise investment on his part… I would love to see him run for President… if he did, I could add a wing to my house or put in a pool.”
Finally, Jon told AJ what “The Daily Show” viewers can expect from correspondent John Oliver while Stewart is off directing a movie, “I told him, be good, but don't be so great… you know, I want to come back.”

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