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The Latest: Tornadoes and Flooding Leave 9 Dead, 100 Injured in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City metro area was hit tornadoes and flooding on Friday leaving 9 dead and more than 100 injured, according to USA Today. Seven adults and two children were among the fatalities.

Deadly twisters left a path of devastation, overturning cars and trapping commuters on an interstate at rush hour. Heavy rain and hail caused further destruction with floodwaters up to four feet high by Saturday. Watch the video above to see footage shot by StormChasingVideo.com.

Downed power lines caused highway closures and left more than 90,000 homes without electricity.

The tragedy comes just 11 days after deadly tornadoes hit the same Oklahoma region, killing 24.

Nearby areas like Missouri are also battling severe weather conditions. Meteorologist Eric Fisher of the Weather Channel reports that the storms are expected to move east "all the way up into Maine and as far south as Georgia.”

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