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Carrie Fisher on Bipolar Disorder: ‘I’ve Got to Learn from Catherine Zeta-Jones’

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Carrie Fisher at her home, where she opened up about her battle with bipolar disorder.
Fisher explained how the disorder went out of control on a recent cruise. “My medication had a little problem with itself. I happened to be on stage with one of my dogs. It was a very eccentric moment, but you have problems with medication and you can have… It’s a balance issue. I went out of balance in public.”

Carrie applauded Catherine Zeta-Jones for taking preventative measures in treating bipolar disorder. “I’ve got to learn from her. I love that she went in preventively, so that's going to be what I do from now on.”
The actress/writer also talked about the young stars in Hollywood today. Fisher, who grew up in the entertainment industry as the daughter of movie veteran Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher, said it is more difficult now for stars like Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. “You can’t say anything off the record. There's nowhere to do anything off grid. You’re always on camera and I think that’s difficult.”

As for rumors about possibly returning to the big screen with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill in the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed “Star Wars” sequel, Carrie said she cannot confirm they are true. She added that you never know, though… they could reunite in a place like Comic-Con.
Later this week, Fisher will honor her good friend, film producer Nina Jacobson, with a Step Up Women’s Network Inspiration Award. Carrie praised Jacobson. “It's a hard business to be in as a female. She's just an extraordinary example of what's possible.”
Held annually in the heart of the entertainment industry, Step Up gathers Los Angeles tastemakers to honor those who embody the organization’s mission of service to women and girls. For more information, click here!