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Ken Wahl Supports Veterans on Memorial Day

Actor Ken Wahl has a special message to veterans this Memorial Day:

“My main objective is to help veterans connect with service rescue animals as a way to help those afflicted with PTSD and other maladies. The connection between human and animal is symbiotic. I was incredulous to learn that the suicide rate of veterans exceeded the rate of combat deaths. As a grateful American and a staunch supporter of our military, as well as an animal lover, it was natural for me to want to try to help by getting the animals and the military together.”

“On Memorial Day, I would like people to remember the struggles of our afflicted service members, and the struggles of our rescue animals. Putting them together will reduce the struggle for both. As such, I would like to ask you to assist me in spreading this message loudly, and as far and as widely as possible.  Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Ken Wahl”