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Video! Jodi Arias' New 'Save My Life' Media Blitz

It has literally come to down to life or death in the Jodi Arias murder trial (watch live streaming video below), where the former waitress (and convicted murderer) is attempting to convince the jury to spare her life.

Following an emotional appeal to the panel on Tuesday – featuring family photos, art work and a list of charitable deeds she hopes to accomplish -- Jodi went on a “save my life” media blitz, granting interviews to outlets like “Today," ABC News, FOX 10 and the Associated Press.
As the jury deliberated, preparing to hand down a sentence as early as Wednesday, Jodi took her case to the press.

Talking with “Today,” she responded to public sentiment that she deserves to die for killing ex boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. “That’s not justice, that’s revenge,” Jodi said, adding later, “What I receive [from the jury] will be what I deserve, I believe.”
She knows one thing, “I wish I could take back everything that happened.”

ABC News reporter Ryan Owens described Jodi as worried about her hair and makeup during their 40-minute interview, noting that she didn't want the camera to zoom out and reveal the striped pants she's forced to wear behind bars. The tense chat included Owens asking why she doesn't give Alexander's family closure and accept the death penalty.

She acknowledged that she caused a lot of pain to Travis' family and her own, saying, "I think that by asking for death, I'm only going to cause more pain to my family."

When he asked if her transformation from blonde bombshell to mousy church librarian was a defense strategy, she said, "No, they don't sell Clairol hair dye in jail." She later told Owens, "I didn't know you were a hater."

The 32-year-old has been criticized for not apologizing to Alexander’s family in the courtroom. In her FOX 10 interview she claimed she did apologize, adding, “I’m definitely sorry. It seems like saying I’m sorry… is so inadequate because it doesn’t encompass the scope of the remorse that I feel.”
Arias also explained how she came up with the list of reasons she thought the jury should give her life in prison, like donating to Locks of Love, starting a recycling program and producing artwork.
“Some of those might sound trivial, but I’ve never been to prison,” she said. “I don’t know what is available, what needs to be done there.”

When speaking with the Associated Press, she criticized her legal team and went into detail about her media blitz, lamenting, "The prosecutor has accused me of wanting to be famous, which is not true."