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Video! Kathy Griffin Helps American Cancer Society Celebrate 100 Years

On May 22, the American Cancer Society will be celebrating their 100th birthday, and the ACS is using it as a time to re-focus and re-commit to the cause.

One hundred years ago, the American Cancer Society began a fight against an enemy whose name even doctors were hesitant to mention. The word “cancer” was spoken only in whispers – because little could be done about the disease. Since then, the ACS has learned that progress comes when we speak out, when we take action and when we’re loud.

On May 22, Kathy Griffin and others are asking people get loud, take action and take a “Moment Against Silence” by pledging to do one thing to help finish the fight against cancer. The ACS’ goal is to spread awareness across the country and motivate people to take action.

Take a look!

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