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Live Streaming Video: Will Jodi Arias Plead for Her Life?

Jodi Arias was supposed to take the stand on Monday to plead for her life, but the convicted murderer never got a chance to speak at the trial. As the world watched via live streaming video, the judge postponed the proceedings until Tuesday.

The final phase of Jodi's trial took a turn, when her attorney, Kirk Nurmi, told the court that two of Arias' friends, who had agreed to speak on her behalf, were not coming. Nurmi explained that at least one friend, Patricia Womack, had reported "intimidation" as the cause. He then asked for a mistrial and to withdraw from the case, but his requests were denied. When he later asked the judge to stay the trial, he was again denied.

Arias, 32, was in tears on Thursday as the family of victim Travis Alexander told the jury of their “horrific loss.” Arias’ trial is in the final stage as the panel decides between life in prison and the death penalty.

On May 8, Jodi was convicted of murdering ex boyfriend Travis in June 2008. She admitted to stabbing him 27 times and shooting him in the face, but claimed it was done in self-defense.

After the verdict, Arias spoke with FOX affiliate KSAZ and said she would "prefer to die sooner than later" and that "death is the ultimate freedom." She was temporarily placed on suicide watch.