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'Brady Bunch' Reunion: Cast Returns to Kings Island Theme Park!

One of America’s favorite fictional families, The Brady Bunch, held a mini-reunion at Kings Island theme park on Sunday! Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen -- also known Greg, Peter and Cindy Brady -- met up at the Ohio landmark to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the episode “Cincinnati Kids,” which was filmed at the famous site.

Knight explained to ABC 9, “When we get back together it is almost as if no time has passed” and Olsen added, “We just assume our original roles -- not our character roles -- but our roles amongst each other, and we’re back to being kids.”

Fans traveled from far and wide to pose for pictures with the stars and to get their autographs. Williams treated the crowd to his “The Real Slim Shady” parody, “I’m Greg Brady.” Watch!

The cast filmed "Cincinnati Kids" at the newly opened Kings Island in 1973. In the episode, dad Mike Brady takes the family along on a work trip to the theme park, where he is supposed to present plans for an addition. In a classic "Brady Bunch" mix up, Mike ends up with a Yogi Bear poster, while daughter Jan takes off with his plans.