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The Power of Campowerment!

"Extra" Senior Producer Tammi Fuller's passion project to help empower women has turned into a dream come true, and has already changed the lives of many around the country.

Fuller created Campowerment, a four-day retreat, for women who need to "escape, unwind, reignite their flame, and to renew and re-energize themselves -- however they choose to do it."

CNN journalist Abbey Goodman recently visited Campowerment in Malibu, and returned a different woman. In an article on CNN.com, Goodman wrote, "You're participating in activities (or not -- everything is optional) that push you out of your comfort zone physically and emotionally, and supporting one another in the process. Before I knew it, all of my defenses melted and gave way to deep bonding."

Goodman also noted the many activities available, including, "Yoga and fitness, parenting and relationship workshops, life coaching, healthy cooking demonstrations, energy healing, journaling, astrology and palm reading, fashion and style advice, as well as sing-alongs, s'more roasting, a passion party and happy hours."

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To find out how you can sign up to reignite your life, one weekend at a time, go to Campowerment.com.