‘Netflix Adultery’: Have You Cheated?

With the rise of streaming media in the home, there has arisen a new, global problem dubbed by New York Magazine as “Netflix Adultery,” in which one partner “streams ahead” without their partner.

Watch an example!

Harris Interactive conducted a nationwide survey to determine just how many American men and women were cheating on their partners (and where) and the results were staggering.

Here are some highlights:

-- 28.2 million Americans HAVE “cheated,” and more than half of those in relationships consider “cheating.”

-- 66% would cheat at home alone; 21% while their partner was asleep; 12% at work and 5% in the bathroom… yes, the bathroom.

-- Younger couples are more likely to cheat, but they’re also more likely to come clean.

-- Older couples choose to not even bother getting into a fight about it and continue to lie.

-- 77% of men said they’d cheat, while only 57% of women said they would.