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'Arrested Development' Trailer: Where the Bluth Family Left Off!

It has been a long seven years since the would-be series finale of “Arrested Development,” and now the wait to find out what's happened is finally over! Netflix will debut the fourth season on May 26. Check out the trailer!

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s where things left off with family members Geroge Sr. and Lucille, kids Michael, Lindsay, G.O.B., Buster and Annyong, as well as cousins George Michael and Maeby:

Riding off into the sunset: After much drama with the family, Michael and son George Michael decide to slip off to Cabo. Escaping to Mexico would be too easy… George Sr. is already there.

The informant: Lucille is hauled off to jail after adopted son Annyong turns her into the feds. It was all part of a revenge plot, because Lucille stole his grandfather’s frozen banana stand idea years ago.

Sibling love: It turns out Lindsay was adopted! First she proposes to her “twin” brother Michael, only to be propositioned later by G.O.B.

“Les Cousins Dangereux”: George Michael and Maeby feel horrible about going to second base when they find out that Maeby wasn’t adopted. Everything changes, however, when they learn that Maeby’s mom Lindsay isn’t really a Bluth.

Hands Off: Buster is last seen falling off the Queen Mary, and coming face to face with the seal that bit off his hand, which happens to be the same one G.O.B. released back into the wild earlier.

Reunited: After Lindsay’s awkward encounters with her brothers, she appears to make up with husband Tobias Fünke.