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Halle Berry on Pregnancy: Daughter Nahla’s Wish Come True

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Halle Berry and talked about how 4-year-old daughter Nahla wished for Berry’s “miracle” pregnancy.

Berry explained, “She now has supreme knowing that faith is real. That you can wish for something and you can want for something and make that manifest. So it's been a lovely way to teach her about the power of prayer, and now that she's made a baby come, I tell her all the time, ‘Think of what you can do!’"

The 46-year-old Oscar winner added, “She wants a baby sister, but we don't know exactly what we're getting yet… this is a miracle, and I feel really happy.”

Seymour spoke with Berry at the Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run/Walk for Women, which benefits breast cancer research. Halle said, “Lives are saved because of the work that's done and the money that's raised.”

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