Kidnap Survivor Katie Beers Reacts to Cleveland Rescue

Katie Beers, who was abducted by a family friend in New York in 1992 and held in a bunker for seventeen days, was “overjoyed” to hear that kidnap victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight had been found alive.

She told “Extra,” “I just happened to look at the news and saw this amazing story of these three women that were brought to safety… I am completely overjoyed that these women are now safe.”
Beers said she hopes it is a joyous reunion when the women go home, but thinks they should seek counseling and avoid talking to the media.
“I would probably suggest not [talking to the press], of course debriefing by police, yes… but for me, staying out of the spotlight was the thing that aided recovery the most.”
She also has a message for the three Ohio women. “I’m hoping they are able to move forward… I’m hoping they can find the courage to be able to recover from the traumas that they have gone through… I hope that their families are going to be patient with them through this.”
Katie released her own story earlier this year in a memoir called “Buried Memories.” She explained, “I decided early on after my abduction and my release that I wanted to write a book, it came out about the 20-year anniversary of my abduction.”