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Jodi Arias Wants to Die

In a shocking post-conviction interview with FOX 10 in Phoenix, Jodi Arias – who was found guilty of murdering ex Travis Alexander – reveals that she wants the death penalty, telling reporter Troy Hayden, “The worst outcome for me would be natural life.”

Arias’ fate is not yet sealed. The jury must still decide between execution and life in prison. “I would much rather die sooner than later,” Jodi said. “Longevity runs in my family and I don’t want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place. I’m pretty healthy, I don’t smoke, I would probably live a long time. That’s not something I’m looking forward to.”
Jodi also called death the “ultimate freedom” and said she wants it “as soon as I can get it.”
Despite the talk of death, the 32-year-old said she is still a member of the Mormon church, but isn’t actively practicing her faith behind bars. “I still have my scripture, I still read it,” she said.
The tearful killer added, “I think if I had been honest from the beginning, I would be in a different place and so would everyone else. Because of what I have done, a lot of people will hurt for a long time.”
Following the interview, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office released a statement saying that Arias has now been placed on "suicide protocol" and "no further media interviews will be permitted."
On Thursday, prosecutors can begin presenting additional evidence to the panel in an attempt to prove that the crime was extremely cruel and warrants a death sentence.
Jodi was found guilty of murdering former boyfriend Travis Alexander in June 2008. She admitted to stabbing him 27 times and shooting him in the face, but claimed it was done in self-defense.
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