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Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Raided, Cops Find Drugs

Swedish police raided Justin Bieber’s tour bus on Wednesday night, uncovering drugs and a taser, reports FOX News. How did Bieber respond to the rumored bust? “Whatever.”

Police spokesman Lars Bystrom told FOX that officers smelled marijuana coming from the bus while it was parked outside of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.
Later, the drug squad arrived with a warrant to search the bus, which had been moved to a parking garage at Grand Arena. While investigating the now empty vehicle, cops reportedly found a small amount of narcotics and the stun gun. Local papers are reporting that the drug found was marijuana.
A source told FOX 411, "The cops found nothing and left. No violations. Nothing,"

Police confirmed to TMZ that no one would be charged in the case, because the drugs were found on the floor and can’t be linked to a specific person.
After the incident, Bieber tweeted, "some of the rumors about me....where do people even get this stuff. whatever...back to the music."