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Boston Native Mark Wahlberg: ‘I’m Going Home This Weekend’

Actor Mark Wahlberg spoke with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at the L.A. premiere of “Pain and Gain,” where he said he was finally going home to Boston, his first trip back since the bombings.

“I'm actually going home this weekend,” said Wahlberg. “It’s just one of those things… everybody knows somebody who was personally affected by it. You just think about these senseless tragedies and just hope that we all come together and people can start to heal.”

Wahlberg said he sometimes gets nervous about being out in public. “You start to think twice about it. I'm from the hood, so I've always got my back to the wall. You add to the equation that everyone knows who you are… I used to get paranoid. You have to just go out there and do your thing.”

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“Pain & Gain” opens in theaters this Friday.