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Stars React to Boston Bombings

“Extra” got some celeb reactions to the Boston Marathon bombings, from stars including Robert Redford, Neil Diamond, Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks, who all spoke to "Extra" about the tragic event.

At a special screening of "All the President's Men Revisited," Robert Redford commented to "Extra" about his “shock, dismay, and sorrow.” 

Neil Diamond, whose song “Sweet Caroline” is known as the Boston Red Sox theme song, told ”Extra” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, “If the song gives anybody comfort, I am very humbled and grateful.”
Morgan Freeman was quoted at CinemaCon saying, “I've worked in Boston a number of times, wonderful city. What is anybody to think of this? It's heinous.”
While at CinemaCon, Elizabeth Banks said, “I’m from Massachusetts, my first thought were with my family who live and works… I’m really horrified and saddened by everything that happened. I’m a little in shock and still processing and all my thoughts and prayers are with victims and families.”