Basketball Rivals Steve Nash and Matt Barnes Square Off at The Grove!

The L.A. Lakers and L.A. Clippers face-off on Sunday, but before the big game, former Phoenix Sun teammates and now rivals Steve Nash and Matt Barnes joined “Extra’s” Maria Menounos at The Grove to talk about their lives on and off the court.

Nash is promoting the NBA and Sprint’s Green Week, a mission to teach fans how to protect the environment. Nash explained, “There's something like 1.6 billion cell phones produced every year and only 10 percent are recycled, so it’s really important for us to recycle some of these phones.”
The L.A. Lakers player said he applies this philosophy is his everyday life. “I hesitate to brag about it, but I drive a hybrid vehicle. I have solar panels in my house in Phoenix and I just try to recycle as much as I can.”
Barnes, who plays for the L.A. Clippers, is also doing great things off the court. He runs EA Sports Camps for children in the San Francisco and has a foundation called Athletes vs. Cancer.
Barnes said, “I lost my mom to cancer… such a dramatic process. We go into inner-city communities to provide free cancer screening and pamphlets. Give information on how to learn about your body and learn what signs to look for and try to prevent stuff like that.”  
Click here more information about the NBA and Sprint Green week, and here for info on Athletes vs. Cancer.
Watch the Lakers and Clippers go head to head this Sunday at 12:30 PM on ABC!