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Family Intervention for Blade Runner: Start Running Again

He’s out on bail, but accused murderer Oscar Pistorius isn’t spending his days at the track. Aside from a few runs, his family says the “Blade Runner” is struggling to leave the house as he awaits a trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Family and trainers met with the South African Olympian and Paralympian on Wednesday and encouraged him to start running again. His Uncle Arnold Pistorius quashed rumors that Oscar was in training. “At this point Oscar is still in an extremely traumatized state and has made it clear to all of us that he is not able or willing to even contemplate this issue at this stage.”
He added, “We all encouraged him to get back onto the track to help stabilize him emotionally. Oscar has been out running on a number of isolated occasions in the days following the relaxation of his bail conditions, but each time has been very difficult and he has ‘struggled immensely’ with the decision to even leave the house.”
In a sworn affidavit obtained by “Extra,” Oscar Pistorius claims that he accidentally shot his girlfriend through a bathroom door because he thought she was an intruder.
The statement did not sway prosecutors, who in February charged him with premeditated murder.