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Kim Kardashian's First Pregnancy Craving: In-N-Out Burger!

Reality mom-to-be Kim Kardashian's pregnancy cravings have finally kicked in! After denying any real urges for sweets or junk food, the star stopped by In-N-Out for a burger and cheese fries on Wednesday. An Instagram photo of the grub included the caption, "Damn!!! I spoke too soon!"

The reported 1,000-calorie meal was her "1st pregnancy craving!" and she was definitely "#EnjoyingEveryBite.”
Kim told “Extra’s” Maria Menounos on Sunday that she is eating a lot of carrots and celery with ranch, but wished she wanted to indulge more, saying, “I'm waiting for the moments when someone's like let's go to McDonald's and Taco Bell -- that's not happening for me and I'm kind of sad about it.”

She added, “I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love junk food. Being pregnant, I don't like any of it.”  
Kim also addressed those weight-gain rumors and tabloid magazine covers. “There are maybe two or three covers just this week that say I am 200 pounds. I'm like, ‘You are 60 pounds off here’… It wouldn't even bother me if I gained all the weight.”

Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West are expecting a baby girl  in July.