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Video! Lindsey Vonn Recreates Sharon Stone's Sexy 'Basic Instinct' Scene

Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Lindsey Vonn is smoking hot on and off the slopes. Check out this 2010 video of the skier channeling Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct.”

The recently uncovered ESPN video and companion magazine cover shows the Olympic medalist’s sexy side as she smoulders in the infamous interrogation scene swivel chair, showing off her long legs in a white dress. At one point she coyly recites the line, “What are you going to do, charge me for smoking?”

Pointing out that her favorite movie, “Gladiator,” would be too difficult to recreate, she said she and her then husband Thomas Vonn settled on “Basic Instinct.”
“In the last couple of photo shoots, people said that I looked like Sharon Stone,” she explained. “So my husband and I thought, ‘What are some Sharon Stone movies?’ And ‘Basic Instinct’ came up. And I don't know, it just kinda seemed like it would work and here I am.”
The 1992 erotic thriller stars Michael Douglas as Nick Curran, a detective who gets wrapped up in a scandalous affair with murder suspect Catherine Tramell, played by Stone.