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Video! Jimmy Fallon Pokes Fun at ‘Tonight Show’ Rumors

As reports circulated that NBC is readying Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show,” Fallon addressed the rumors in his “Late Night” monologue.
"Before we get started, I have to talk about the rumors that came out today, which says I'll be moving up to 11:30. Or as my parents call it, 'Yeah, that's still too late,'" joked the funnyman.
Fallon then quipped, "Actually the rumors are true. NBC is turning the ‘Tonight Show’ into a diving competition. So exciting.”

The biggest shakeup report comes from The New York Times, which said NBC not only wants Fallon as their “Tonight Show” host, but that they also plan to move the show back to NYC, where it began, before Johnny Carson took it to Los Angeles.
NBC has only confirmed they are building Fallon a new, state-of-the-art studio at 30 Rock.
In a separate cover story for the April edition of GQ, the 38-year-old Fallon opened up about the possibility of taking over the coveted “Tonight Show” gig and hinted that it hasn't really been the focus of his attention.
"I mean, in the nicest way, who really cares in the nicest way? It would be great, sure, I guess. I'd love it, but it's not on my mind," he told the magazine. "I'm in no rush to do anything. I'm kind of a boring character in that book. I'm not in a fight with Jay, or Conan [O'Brien], or any of them. I don't have that story."