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Are Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock Planning a Comedy Tour?

Comedians Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock sent the rumor mill into overdrive this week when they took the stage together at New York’s Comedy Cellar and dropped hints about a possible tour.

Dave walked away from his Comedy Central hit “Chappelle Show” in 2005, and fans have been waiting for a mainstream comeback ever since. Instead, the reclusive funnyman has been flying under the radar in Ohio, only occasionally popping up unannounced at comedy shows.
It seems Chappelle could be eyeing a return to the spotlight after his three-day show alongside Rock and friends like Kevin Hart and Pat Mooney.
At one point, Dave and Chris were onstage together when they started chatting about the possibility of a tour, says the L.A. Times. “After next Tuesday, I’m free for like 11 years,” Chappelle joked. Rock mentioned that he was shooting a movie this spring, but “By Halloween I could do dates.”
Dave suggested they call the show “Fireside Chats with Chris Rock” and Rock answered, “I’m in.”
So far, Chappelle’s rep isn’t confirming or denying the rumor, simply telling Entertainment Weekly, “I can’t even say.”