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Nicki Minaj Shows Up Late to ‘American Idol’ Taping, Blames Traffic

There’s diva behavior and then there’s Nicki Minaj showing up late to a live taping of “American Idol.” She had a good excuse though… L.A. traffic!

Host Ryan Seacrest kept the energy up, telling the audience to “keep the energy going for three of your four judges” and asking the panel, “Which one of you judges gave Nicki the wrong directions to the studio today?” and “Who drained the fuel from her car?”

Despite their ongoing feud, fellow judge Mariah Carey didn’t say a word about the tardy “Pink Friday” singer. When Minaj arrived 13 minutes into the show, she got right to business, even dissing one of Keith Urban’s judgment calls.
The heat should be off Nicki tonight as the show and audience shift attention to special guest Bon Jovi. Ryan told “Extra’s” Terri Seymour before the show, “Bon Jovi was the first concert where I was able to purchase a tour shirt and I bought the Bon Jovi t-shirt that said ‘Slippery When Wet’!”
Seacrest also weighed in on “Idol’s” top competition, “The Voice.” He explained, “They're both great television shows with extremely talented panels. I think that the best we can do is focus on what we can deliver each night.”