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The World According to Perez Hilton: Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and More

Pop culture guru Perez Hilton stopped by The Grove for a visit with “Extra” hosts Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos, chatting about the hottest news stories of the day, including Kim Kardashian’s baby, the new “Bachelor” Sean Lowe, Justin Bieber’s meltdown and more.

Here’s Perez on:
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby appearing on reality TV: “If enough money was offered they might consider cameos, but not a full season… Kourtney attempted to do something similar with Mason when he was first born, trying to be a little more private with him, but eventually they were like, ‘We are the Kardashians, our son is in the public eye’ and you kind of just surrender to it.”
“The Bachelor” Sean Lowe: “He looks great shirtless and I’m a fan of anyone who looks good shirtless.”
Justin Bieber’s meltdown: “He’s a superstar with a lot of money and of age so neither his parents nor his managers can tell him what to do. I do think though that it’s just a little phase.”
Jennifer Aniston’s secret wedding: “I don’t think [they wed in a secret ceremony]. I do hear she's getting married this month and that guests have been told that they are invited, but they haven’t been told when or where.”
For more with Perez and to see him bust a move worthy of “Dancing with the Stars,” check out the video above!