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Alicia Keys on Son Egypt: He's a Rock Star!

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Alicia Keys backstage at Staples Center on Tuesday just before she hit the stage on her latest “Set the World on Fire” tour stop.

Alicia Keys Announces Pregnancy with Baby Bump Pic

Alicia told Terri she is ecstatic with the tour so far. “Miguel's with me on the road… I feel so grounded and feel so in my element and in my space which is rare, cause it usually takes you a good 10 shows in to kind of start to figure it out so that’s a big blessing.”

Son Egypt is also along for the ride. “He's officially a rock star, especially the other night when I looked at the clock,” she said. “It was 12:30, he was up and I was like ‘Oh no!’ He’s young enough to be able to enjoy this process and I’m happy I can show him different places in the world and he can meet different people and he's so social and engaged… I'm happy about all that, but that bedtime, ugh.”
Keys has a lot on her plate at the moment and she wouldn’t mind adding another gig to her schedule… Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party!

“I love her [Michelle Obama] and she's so incredible and they've always been so great and supportive to me so I would love to,” she said.

As far as keeping her voice going night after night, Alicia said she does a lot of vocal preparation, but the trick to keeping her voice sweet is gummy bears! “You melt a handful of gummy bears in hot water and something about the glycerin that really clears your voice. And it was amazing, my vocal coach told me it's like an ancient secret… now I can eat gummy bears anytime I want!”