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Katharine McPhee: ‘I'm Mostly Daring on Things I’m Really Passionate About’

“Smash” star Katharine McPhee was the April cover girl for Women’s Health magazine, talking about being bold and taking chances with her music.

McPhee explained to the mag, “I’m mostly daring about things I’m really passionate about. There are people who are bold at industry parties, who go up to big producers and directors and introduce themselves, and I’m not really like that. I’m really kind of shy, and I’m not the best self-promoter… there are so many ways to be bold. I think being bold is also being consistent and persistent -- plugging away at what I want.”

On taking chances with her third album (as yet untitled) Katharine said, “I’ve wanted to have a fun record for so long, and it’s fun! I’m not a serious person at all, and people who know me know I’m so goofy, and I want that to come out in the music.”

One place she’s never bold is in relationships. “I’m definitely not the aggressor. The first time I met my husband, Nick Cokas, I didn’t think of it as anything -- especially because I met him at a workplace. There, you’re focused on what you’re there for, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, you’re cute!’”