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Valerie Harper Shares ‘Amazingly Shocking Diagnosis’ in Video Message

While faced with this "amazingly shocking diagnosis," Valerie Harper told People.com in a spirited video message, "I just wanted to share this clearly and impactfully through People magazine because y'all read it and you know it and I know Rhoda would be reading it.”

The “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Rhoda” star, 73, received the news on January 15 after tests found she had a rare form of brain cancer. Doctors have told her she has as little as three months to live.

Harper's friend Mary Tyler Moore said, "I'm absolutely devastated by this news. Valerie has given so much joy, laughter and love to the world. I join her fans and send much love and positive thoughts to her and her family during this difficult time."

"Mary Tyler Moore" co-star Ed Asner also said in a statement, "Valerie Harper is a century plan and I have come to know her much better in my later years and have every confidence in the world that she will shock the hell out of us and survive to keep functioning as the great talent and human that she is."

Chairman of Neurosurgery at UCLA, Dr. Neil Martin, explained Valerie's rare condition to "Extra."