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Jodi Arias Murder Trial: Is She Pulling a Casey Anthony?

On the surface, Jodi Arias and Casey Anthony share similarities -- both young beauties accused of murder -- but experts tell “Extra” they have their differences, too.

Just as Anthony, who was found not guilty in the murder of daughter Caylee, captured the nation’s attention in 2011, all eyes are now set on Arias. The 32-year-old is facing the death penalty in the cold-blooded killing of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, stabbed and slashed 27 times and shot in the head in his bathroom.

Jodi’s courtroom demeanor and librarian look are reminiscent of Casey’s trial tactics, but her murder trial make-under and foggy memory likely won’t help her walk free.

WildAboutTrial.com founder and defense attorney Alison Triessl explained, “The sweet schoolgirl image they are trying to portray is similar, but the facts are very different.”

Triessl believes Jodi’s own words will be her undoing. “It’s going to be her testimony, inconsistencies, the lies she told.”

HLN’s Nancy Grace sees Arias’ memory as a major problem, adding, “The intermittent and at-will amnesia is not going to work with the jury.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky noted, “Jodi is nothing at all like Casey Anthony.” He continued, “Jodi is spending altogether too much time for any of us on the witness stand, while Casey Anthony just sat there smiling and giggling.”

Pinsky also doesn’t think that Jodi’s emotions ring true with the public. “Most people watching Jodi feel her emotions are insincere… the more time she spends up there, in my opinion, the more weirded-out  -- for the lack of a better term -- men particularly get. Women, however, seem to have some sympathy for her.”

Arias' trial will resume on Monday at 12:30 PM EST. Watch the live feed below.