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'Extra' and Weight Watchers Celebrate Audience Member's Big Reveal

Last May on “Extra,” Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff chose a volunteer named Sheila Overton from the audience to personally mentor as part of his organization’s 360 program. Today, Sheila returned to The Grove for her big reveal!

Shelia was facing health problems and told us in May, “I don't want to do what my father and my mother and my sister did by having the heart attack from not being healthy.”

David, the author of “Weight Loss Boss,” told her, “It all changes from here.” It did change; she was 290 pounds then, and today showed off her new self, down six dress sizes. She told host Mario Lopez, “I've lost 77 wonderful pounds.”

Shelia, who followed the Weight Watchers program, exercised and kept in touch with David, said she feels great. “My life has changed so much… I’m now doing seven miles a day on my bike… Weight Watchers is amazing!” she explained.

Shelia went on to say how easy Weight Watchers is, “If you follow the program it will work, it teaches me how to have routines, you are never hungry. This has taught me to build up my confidence.”

She has to invest in a new wardrobe, but Overton also revealed she lost weight in one place she was not expecting, her feet! “No one told me my feet were going to lose weight,” she said.

Kirchhoff was also there for the big reveal and told her, “I am so proud of you.” He also had a surprise for her; new shoes “for little feet.”

Shelia also passed along a bit of advice that she learned from David. “Get rid of those big plates in your house and get some smaller plates,” she said.