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Kate Gosselin: My Kids Were Onboard for 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Reality star Kate Gosselin is quashing rumors that her children were traumatized when she switched places with Kendra Wilkinson on “Celebrity Wife Swap.” The mom of eight told “Extra’s” AJ Calloway not to believe the hype reportedly started by author Robert Hoffman.

“I wasn’t going to sign them up obviously if they weren’t onboard,” explained the “Jon and Kate Plus 8” alum. “I presented it to them like, wouldn’t it be fun to have another mom come here that might be really different from me… wouldn’t it be fun to see if you like it or not.”

The little ones enjoyed Kendra’s “spontaneous” nature, but when Kate got home they told her, “We loved it, but we like it better when you're here.”
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ABC’s “Celebrity Wife Swap” premieres tonight at 8 PM.