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Hilaria Baldwin on Allegations Husband Alec Baldwin Used Racial Slurs

“Extra’s” lifestyle correspondent Hilaria Baldwin opened up exclusively to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway about recent headlines surrounding her husband, Alec Baldwin.

New information has emerged refuting allegations that the “30 Rock” star recently used racial slurs against a NYC photographer, with both a recording and a witness confirming there were no racial slurs.

While Hilaria could not talk about the case because of pending legal issues, she did say, “It’s not something that I would ever hear him say, and we have been hurt tremendously by it.”

Hilaria explained the two are used to dealing with paparazzi. “It comes in waves. Whenever something happens, the paparazzi all know where we live.” She added that she has even been bruised by cameras that have come too close to her. “Tons of people taking your pictures, coming up with microphones, they come up very close.” She has also seen paparazzi topple over a baby stroller and fall on a baby.

Now that Hilaria is pregnant, she is even more concerned for her safety and wants photographers to please keep their distance. She understands that photographers have a job to do, but asked, “If they are doing this to us right know, imagine what is going to happen when we have a little baby? What is it going to like for our little kid?”

The recent news has been difficult for both Alec and Hilaria. “There were a lot of tears. My husband gets very frustrated and is just as upset about it. There are very few things that hurt more than to be falsely accused.”

Hilaria believes no one deserves to be harassed, and stands by her husband. “I know my husband. I married him because she is the best guy I ever met in my life. I married him because he has a huge heart. We have friends of all different races and backgrounds.”